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By: Multitaskr - Real Estate Published on: November 12, 2019 Category: Testing

You have done your homework.


You have saved your money a long time and see that mortgage interest rates are near three-year lows. You’re ready to buy a house.

Or you have made repairs, eliminated the clutter and spruced up the landscaping. You’re ready to sell your house.

Either way, you’re just at the beginning of a highly complicated, time-consuming and quickly changing process that can leave families out in the cold.

Experts caution that would-be homebuyers or sellers need a trust-worthy, proven professional to guide them in through the process.

That’s especially true in challenging real estate markets such a California’s. In September, the  California Association of Realtors released its Housing Market Forecast for next year that predicted that “low mortgage interest rates will support California's housing market in 2020 but economic uncertainty and affordability issues will mute sales growth.”

The association points out that while low interest rates favor those who want to buy a house, big obstacles remain. It’s going to take a seasoned real estate professional to help in the home-buying process.

On the flip side, homeowners who want to sell their house, especially ones doing it for the first time, face challenges of their own.

Contrary to popular (or optimistic) belief, selling a house isn’t cheap—there’s a cost of selling a house, and it’s more than many people might expect. Most costs related to homeownership, including home remodeling costs, tend to be high. And while following a home selling checklist can make the process easier, it can’t always make it cheaper,” cautions the site Real Simple.

The real estate company Zillow and home improvement site Thumbtack released an analysis in April that calculated the cost of selling a house, and it averages $20,851. About two-thirds of that are closing costs, such taxes and agent commissions, but how about the rest? They involve such costs such as exterior and interior painting, home staging, and full-service lawn care.

Sellers, too, need a seasoned professional who can guide them in this process to get top dollar for their investment.

That’s where Multitaskr comes in, educating and helping individuals and families, whether buying a home or selling one. 

The company has revolutionized either experience.

Multitaskr partners with seasoned professionals and uses the best technology to make the process easy and convenient. 

Did you know that there are more than 2 million real estate agents to pick from? 

On the home-buying front, its agents get the best purchase price possible and focus on making the seller’s real estate journey stress-free.

And for home-sellers, its agents have a track record of getting the highest price possible while keeping sellers’ costs as low as possible

In either case, the company’s agents take the time to get to know each family’s situation and educate them about their options. But that’s just for starters.

In what is revolutionary service, Multitaskr also bring to the table experts in home repairs, landscaping and in financing services. Individuals do not have to find them on their own.

Regardless of what service they are providing, every professional Multitaskr uses follows the highest standards.

Following decades of doing its homework, the company has re-imagined the home-buying or selling experience for the benefit of the families it serves.

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