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Benefits of Owning a Granny Flat in San Diego

By: J.P. Roqueni Published on: September 27, 2019 Category: Testing

In recent years, granny flats have increased in popularity throughout California. With simplified permitting process and loosened regulations in every part of California including San Diego, granny flats have increased by 63% in the state since 2016. Well, this isn’t a surprise given that building a granny flat is an inexpensive and inventive way of increasing the value of your property. Whether you’re looking to build a granny flat for a loved one or for rental income, it’s essential to know the benefits of building a granny flat in San Diego.

What is a Granny Flat?

Also known as accessory dwelling units (ADU), in-law suites or granny pods, a granny flat is a self-contained living area that’s designed for one or two persons. A granny flat is typically located on the grounds of a single-family home and can be attached to other dwellings. While a granny flat can be used by young adult members of the family, older members of the family or even nannies, they can sometimes be used as rental units.

Why You Should Build a Granny Flat in San Diego

As Southern California experiences a surge in the popularity of granny flats, there are a handful of convincing reasons why you should build a granny flat in San Diego. If anything, many homeowners throughout San Diego County have taken advantage of the lowered and waived ADU permit and inspection fees to build granny flats on their properties.

Rising Housing Costs, Fewer Options

It can never be refuted that San Diego is a great place to live in or visit. From loads of outdoor activities, amazing year-round weather, incredible music venues, a plethora of great bars and restaurants to a flourishing craft beer and wine scene, as well as endless family-friendly activities, there are countless reasons why San Diego is becoming more popular. Known as “America’s Finest City,” San Diego is, without a doubt, one of the most desirable places to live in America.

This has, however, played a critical role in increasing San Diego’s housing shortage. Again, the rising housing costs mean that 70% of San Diego residents cannot afford to own a home. With this housing shortage, increased prices, and fewer options, granny flats have become the in-thing.

In fact, housing authorities in San Diego have incentivized the building of granny flats through waived fees, reduced parking requirements, and even made the permit process straightforward. For instance, the San Diego County has passed a fee waiver to save homeowners a cool $14,000 on permit costs.

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