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Our Multitaskr premier roofers can make sure your roofing system stays in shape. Here are four ways regular roof inspections and maintenance benefit homeowners:

Multitaskr - Real Estate services in San Diego California

In September, the California Association of Realtors released its Housing Market Forecast for next year that predicted that “low mortgage interest rates will support California's housing market in 2020 but economic uncertainty and affordability issues will mute sales growth.”

Which Solar System Is Right For Your Home?

Your power bill continues to go up. Your neighbor has just installed solar panels. And practically every day you hear about the extreme effects of climate change. ..

What is a Granny Flat?

Board of Supervisors Chair Dianne Jacob knows a deal when she sees it. She announced San Diego County’s offer to homeowners: get a floor plan for a granny flat, 600 or 1,200 square feet in size, permit-ready, for free...

Solar Energy - Residential Solar Systems

San Diego County has a Green Building Program to improve energy efficiency in new and remodeled residential and commercial buildings. The program offers a 7.5 percent reduction in building fees for projects meeting requirements.

How to Generate Smart Income With Rentals

Needless to say, San Diego’s housing market is booming. With that in mind, adding a granny flat to your property can be an incredible investment. You can increase your income if you structure it as a rental unit or even list it on Airbnb...

Benefits of Owning a Granny Flat in San Diego

In recent years, granny flats have increased in popularity throughout California. With simplified permitting process and loosened regulations in every part of California including San Diego, granny flats have increased by 63% in the state since 2016.

How Landscaping and Hardscaping Can Add Value to Your Home

Everyone knows that a clean-cut lawn, freshly trimmed hedges, and proper gardening, can all make your lawn stand out from the pack. While this is often true, did you know that landscaping...

Fuss-Free Home Cleaning Hacks 101

If you'd love to spend less time cleaning and more time making memories with your family and friends, you've come to the right place. Simply continue reading to discover a few fool-proof cleaning hacks...

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